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Ideas for Hacks

Page history last edited by Ville Alatalo 9 years, 9 months ago

Oulu Open Hack – Ideas for Hacks


Use this page to organize your ideas and give each other inspiration. Be sure to check the list of apis we like as well.



  1. Voice hack using Twillio API
  2. Us the UBI display's Bluetooth connector to query a nearby user's Facebook ID and show their Avatar on the screen when nearby an UBI display
  3. Simple quiz that shows a random avatar from your Phonebook (user QML) or Facebook and then ask you to choose one of three names.
  4. A friend finder in crowds. Augmented reality showing you where your friend is in a room - Cam + annotations. - @flosoft
  5. Use earned calories – Heiaheia hack that gives you a list of (fast)food you can eat after an exercise. @alatalo
    • Case: you have ran for 45 minutes -> You are given fastfood options McDonalds, Hesburger, Pizza, Kebab -> You get the amount you can eat to level out the exercise (eat a BigMac, but no fries)
  6. Same as no. 5 but the other way around – Heiaheia hack. @alatalo
    • Case: I have eaten a BigMac and I'm feeling regret, what exercise should I be doing so that it'll get burned away
  7. Foursquare like checkin for exercise routes and events – Heiaheia hack. @alatalo
    • Case 1: I always walk the same route around the lake, I would like to be the mayor of the route.
    • Case 2: Aerobic every tuesday at 19-20, I have been there 18/20 times already and I'm leading the checkin scoreboard for it.
  8. Try a different sport next time – Heiaheia hack. @alatalo 
    • Case: When I enter 30 minutes of swimming in Heiaheia, it gives me suggestions to burn out the same amount of calories. E.g.: Next time try bicycling for 60 minutes. Why don't you try rollerskating for 50 minutes?
  9. UBI display showing the nearby Foursquare tips, todos, popular places and people who have checked in lately @jlaurila @alatalo
  10. UBI display showing the nearby Heiaheia entries, popular exercise routes @alatalo
  11. Use a mobile device to gain control to UBI display – Qt hack @alatalo
    • Case: use a N8 to switch between photos on the UBI display slideshow, pan the map. Like TV remote control with touch gestures.
  12. Use a mobile device to show remote video camera picture in UBI display – Qt hack @alatalo
    • Case: use N8 camera to shoot a video and display it realtime over Bluetooth in UBI display

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