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Ground Rules

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  • 24 Hours
  • No PowerPoints or dummy data flash animations
  • 90-second demo
  • Winner judged by popular vote
  • Everyone welcome 


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make something awesome in 24 hours.


You will have from 12 noon on Wednesday until 12 noon on Thursday to build a working demo of your awesome idea. This can be anything that can be shown to a roomful of people and in 90-seconds. Yes, you have a minute and half to make an impression so focus on that. Everyone that views the demos will get one vote so your goal is to impress the most people in that room so you can get their vote.


Hacks are usually the quick and dirty combination of two APIs. Remember Oakland Crimespotting? Combine Google Maps and Oakland crime data and you get something better than the sum of the two. That's a hack. A bit polished, yes, but you get the idea.

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